Terms and Conditions:

Agreement Overview: 

This agreement contains all understanding between Hero Alliance and Client.


All parties agree to cheerful professional cooperation, consideration, and communication to accomplish the above assignment to ensure the best possible result.  Any special requests, comments, or concerns for the event will be communicated (email, messaging, etc.) between Client and Hero Alliance. Hero Alliance will not be held accountable for not providing desired services due to details not provided to Hero Alliance. Client is to provide the full event details no later than 1 week prior to event date.  For any event that should be booked less than one week from event date the details in full will be provided by Client at the time of booking. Hero Alliance cannot provide services if the signature or any information is missing.

Client is responsible to prepay for any parking/ entrance fees for the event location if applicable. Client is responsible for providing a safe environment/ location for the performer(s).  If at any time the performer feels unsafe or threatened in any way by a Client or Guest the performer has the right to leave and the Client will still be held responsible for the full balance owed at the end of the event.  In addition Client understands that Hero Alliance is not affiliated with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warner Bros., Lucas Arts, or Disney etc.

Deposit and Payment:

Non Refundable Deposit is due at time of booking to ensure the desired date and time is reserved through Paypal, Square, Cash app, or Venmo. Complete Payment is due at the end of the event in Cash form only. In the event of cancellation or breach in contract by Client, there will not be a refund for the Deposit. Hero Alliance will try and accommodate any last minute changes with date/times but with no guarantee. Any promotional/monthly discounts or flash specials must be negotiated at time of booking. Special rates cannot be discounted after booking.

Limit and Liability:  In the unlikely event that the requested character(s) are injured, ill, or has an emergency that prevents him/her from performing at the event, Hero Alliance will make every effort to secure a replacement entertainer/character. If the situation may present that a replacement is unavailable the responsibility and liability is limited to Hero Alliance. Hero Alliance takes the upmost care with the respect to the costumes and materials in their possession. Specific performers, characters, costumes, or materials may be requested but not guaranteed. Client’s may request specific performers however if the performer is unavailable for any reason Hero Alliance will offer a substitute performer(s). 

Hero Alliance and its performers take every precaution in scheduling and to account for traffic and travel times/ hard to find locations. If the situation should occur that a character is to arrive late, they will call the Client as soon as possible with an updated arrival time in addition to staying the later to adjust the entire booking time.

It is the Client's responsibility to pay the correct amount at the end of the event for services rendered. Hero Alliance and its associated performers are not responsible for any injuries, lost children, or belongings of the Client/ Guest’s. Client is responsible to have adult supervision of all children at all times.  The performer(s) will not be able to carry out activities without an adult present.


On behalf of all of us at Hero Alliance, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you soon on your event date or your child’s special day!


           Jordan Slauter, owner